Vahali Dikri Yojna Gujarat

  • Vahali Dikri Yojna Gujarat 
may 30/2020                              yojna

Gujarat is committed to improving the birth date of #Ribi per month and increasing education, and more efforts are needed to mimic the Khak commitment, as the state government has sanctioned Mali Dikri * Vij in the 2017 budget.

To promote the birth of daughters under this scheme, which has been started as a possible comprehensive campaign to ensure the birth of daughters as well as to ensure its viability. To prevent measles killing, to promote vaccine trait and to strengthen the position of shashi in the society, the government may decide to implement the following daughter-in-law plan as follows: 0 (R) Otel 1 to increase the birth rate of Kiri, 2 daughters drip in mini education. (To fully empower daughters / children in the image from Ut Reshi to Pathad, s 1 Mol. Ta. Daughters born on or after 9/7 31 will be eligible to avail the benefits of this freeze. 2, maximum two daughters of the couple eligible for the benefit of the scheme. 3 Both the first and second daughter of the couple will be eligible to benefit. But after Britti Di Kare, the couple should have a contraceptive operation. If there is a first son and a second daughter, the second daughter will be eligible for assistance. But after the second daughter, the couple should have undergone a vote regulation operation. . With the exception of the first (do and the other two daughters (twins) or one or more meals), all the daughters will be entitled to the benefit of "Vali Dikari" Shoujana but after the third day the couple has undergone fertility surgery. (D) Receivable Halam Rahmani ( Daughter "Pranam Hani only in Thija + daughter and at the time of entry in the first parina will be aoooo / malvapatara.

A total of Rs.1,00,000 / - will be available as marriage support, but the daughter should not have had a child marriage. (G) Financial provision The scheme will have to open a new budget for the scheme. And for the purpose of dissemination, 3% provision has to be made on temporary basis in the following budget headings. Prapar - Dissemination Provision Money Daughter "Under the scheme, the scheme for dissemination Up to 5% of the total annual financial provision can be spent. H) Provisional Provision If there is an administrative question regarding this scheme, the Commissioner will be able to take a decision on Women and Child Development. 35 OR These orders are on the file of the same number of this department dated 30/06/2018 of the finance department.